Gabrielle Cochingco
By Gabrielle Cochingco

New to IBEX Payroll: Find and Replace

Saying goodbye to a co-worker is tough, and if you’re in charge of their schedule, finding the right person to replace the vacated shifts can be another big challenge.

But have no fear, Find and Replace is here! And it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1

In Schedules, click Find and Replace and begin by selecting the departing employee to find all their currently scheduled shifts.

Step 2

Select the employee who will replace the departing co-worker’s shifts and check for conflicts between the two. If you come across any, Find and Replace will give you the option to select only the eligible shifts.

Step 3

If there are no conflicts, you’re free to select any or every shift and re-assign them to the other employee. Just like that, the vacated shifts are taken care of!

Some neat tricks:

You can adjust Find and Replace’s date range however you want. Find shifts scheduled for this pay period or those scheduled for the entire year!

Find and Replace lets you re-assign recurrences under the “Recurrences” tab. If your departing employee is leaving in the middle of their recurrence, simply set the “to be effective on” date to the day you’d like to start re-assigning their shifts.

Fill every vacant shift in mere seconds. By selecting “Vacant” under the employee field, you can assign all of your vacant shifts to anyone in your schedule or vacate as many shifts as you need.

It really is that simple.  

Cue the confetti, and yes, you can do your happy dance.


The next time an employee moves on or goes on leave, don’t worry about replacing their shifts, think instead of all the good times you shared ❤.

Happy scheduling!

– The IBEX Payroll Team  

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