By Kristen

Quick Tip – adding a payroll instruction Pt. 2

Previously, we looked at adding a payroll instruction to your payroll. When adding it you had an option to apply the payroll instruction to all employees. If that option was selected, it is ready to be used in any input sheet going forward. If you did not select the payroll instruction to be applied to all employees, it will need to be added manually to the applicable employees. We are going to use “Vacation Pay Earned (Paid)” for this example:

  1. Click the “Employees” link on the top left, and select the employee you want to add the instruction to (or use the search option).
  2. Click “Payroll Instructions”, then “Add Payroll Instruction”.
  3. Select the payroll instruction from the drop down list, in this example, “Vacation Pay Earned (Paid)”.

The payroll instruction, and it’s default set-up will display. If the default values are all correct, you can hit “Save” and you are finished!

If any changes need to be made, check the “Override Default Properties” check box. There are three main areas that are usually adjusted:

screen shot - override payroll instruction settings

1. Schedule: How often will you use the payroll instruction? For Vacation Pay Earned (Paid), we want to leave it to “Every pay run (regular and unscheduled pay runs)” as displayed above.
Other schedule frequencies are available depending on what you need for your earning, benefit or deduction, and will appear on the input sheet based on the selection. For example, “First Pay Date of the month” will only appear on input sheets that are for the first pay of the month, and “Occasional” needs to be added to the input sheet.

2. Above, the default value for this employee’s vacation pay is 4% (two weeks equivalent for a year). If it should be a different value, enter the amount here. A percentage sign on this particular payroll instruction shows that the amount should be entered as a percentage. If the payroll instruction were a dollar amount, a dollar sign would be displayed.

3. Not often used, but still available, is the option to protect the data on the input sheet. Leave the box unchecked if you want to be able to change the default amount when you have the input sheet open. This is helpful for Bonus or Commission payments where the default may be set to zero, in which case you want to be able to enter the amount on the input sheet. Checking the box will protect the data and you will not be able to alter it on the input sheet.

It is rare that the Formula or Instruction Behaviour ever needs to be altered. Please contact the Alpine Crew if you need assistance with these fields.

Hit “Save”, and you’re ready to go!