By Kristen

Quick Tip: override pay run settings

by Kristen, Payroll Specialist

Screen Shot of override pay run settingsOn the input sheet in Everest, there is an option to override pay run settings for each employee. The most common overrides include paying an employee by cheque instead of direct deposit, or changing the CPP, EI, or tax amount. To do this, select the drop down menu to the left of the employee’s name, and choose “Override Pay Run Settings”. A pop-up window will come up with options you can override for that current pay run.

override pay run settings screen shotSelect the check box on the left for any changes to be made, and enter in the new dollar amount for any CPP, EI or tax amount changes. The dollar amount entered in for CPP, EI or tax will be the total amount, overriding any previous calculations. If you are looking for the provincial tax amount, it is included in the Federal Income Tax amount line- the amount you enter will be both Federal and Provincial tax added together. Once the changes are selected, hit “Save” to implement them.