By Kristen

Quick Tip – vacation pay paid out

by Kristen, Payroll Specialist

If your employees accrue vacation in a dollar amount, they can be paid in two ways:

  1. the employee is going on vacation and taking paid time off
  2. the employee is not going on vacation, but getting some, or all, of their vacation dollars paid out

We are going to look at the second scenario in this post with the earning named “Vacation Pay Paid”. On the input sheet click “add payroll instruction” and choose “Vacation Pay Paid”. Don’t see it? Check to see if that payroll instruction has been applied to your business.

You will be taken back to the previous page while the system adds the payroll instruction to the input sheet.

When the Status returns to “In Progress”, open the input sheet again, and “Vacation Pay Paid” will be there. A dollar amount can be entered, or select the check box as shown in the photo to pay out all vacation accrued to date.

Screen shot of Vacation Pay Paid on Input Sheet
Click the check box to pay out all vacation dollars the employee has accrued.

: As the photo above shows, Matilda does not have the option to have her accrued vacation dollars paid out. This means that “Vacation Pay Paid” is not applied to her profile.

To fix this:

  • Go to the employee profile by clicking on her name, and click on the “Payroll Instructions” tab. Select the “Add Payroll Instructions” link in blue, and from the drop-down list on the next page select “Vacation Pay Paid” then “Save”.
  • Return to the input sheet. The input sheet will not automatically update a change you made. Remove the employee using the triangle button next to their name, and then add them back on the input sheet.

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