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Feel Great about Paying People

Payroll services that work for real people
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People love payday - you should love it too.

The System and Service make for the friendliest payroll experience around

The Everest system will automatically calculate an employee's pay from hours,
all applicable earnings, benefits, and deductions. Just enter the hours, press submit, and relax.

It just took me 15 minutes and
I did it from the lake! I love it.
I think its fantastic!
- Mark, Salon Pop

Your support team, The Alpine Crew will always answer the phone and know what’s going on with your business. Even better, they are some of the nicest folks around!

It was easy because someone
always answers the phone and
knows what's going on with us.
- Kris, Protelec Alarms

If you're too busy or you're just on the run, feel free to call in or email your hours and we'll run payroll for you. Heck, if it's your style, we can do the whole thing for you!

IBEX has worked very well for
us. They've been excellent
right from the get-go.
- Travis, 1x1 Architecture

We don't cut corners - we climb mountains.

We believe in doing everything it takes to provide the best experience
we can for our customers as opposed to cutting corners to offer a low price.
If you're looking for the cheapest payroll this might not be the place for you.
If you're looking for someone who will genuinely care about you as a
partner, well then you just might have found your payroll company.

"IBEX answers live every time. It's thousands of
times better than our previous provider."
Kris Ramsey, Administration Manager, Protelec
"IBEX made it easy to understand and it was
user friendly to begin with, so it was simple."
Kyle Matheson, Co-Owner, Nuburger
"We were happy and surprised to know that we
could use IBEX to pay just two individuals."
Travis Cooke, Co-Founder, 1x1 Architecture
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