Darryl Stewart
By Darryl Stewart

A Free Gift for IBEX Customers Who Want to Make Their Own Life Easier

By Darryl Stewart, Head of the Herd

dog tease
Photo from The Kennel Club UK

Nobody likes being teased.

Is there anything more frustrating than using software to get something done, thereby knowing darn well that the data you need is in there somewhere, and then not being able to get that data back the way you want it or having it be a big pain to get at?

We agree and one of our goals this year is to reduce the teasing any way we can.  Big improvements are planned to the way you get data out of the IBEX system.  We plan to keep all the power of our custom reporting while also making it much easier to get the stuff you need all the time with less fuss.

We want to know what data you need at your fingertips.  Can we meet with you at your office?  Can we talk to you on the phone?  Would you share with us your greatest reporting wishes so that we can stop teasing and make them all come true? Serious gifting is involved for those that reply to this!

Email us at stopthetease@ibexherd.com if you want to help (and get some cool Winnipeg Jets swag).