Darryl Stewart
By Darryl Stewart

A simple little test of whether you are ready to be a leader of leaders

A properly empowered frontline leader must have the authority to do things like:

  • Send home one of their staff for the day
  • Refund a customer 
  • Make small expenditures without asking for permission

  • After all, if they have no authority granted from us, why would their staff feel the need to respect their authority?

    If we are not willing to trust someone with this authority, but we would with others, then likely that person is not ready to be a frontline leader yet. If you are considering who to promote into higher levels of leadership and this little test gives you pause about them, perhaps you should reconsider your choice.  

    However, if we would never trust anyone with this kind of authority, then the problem lies within us. 

    If you lead others, one of your most important roles is improving the leadership capacity of those under your guidance. You should be gradually increasing their authority as you see their leadership wisdom improving with your coaching.   

    When we are not willing to take the risks necessary to build up the leadership skills of others or handing over the simple things like those addressed above, then WE are not ready to be a leader of leaders.