Darryl Stewart
By Darryl Stewart

A Slow Acting Motivational Miracle Medicine

By Darryl Stewart, Head of the Herd

I met a woman over a year ago who was not at all happy with her employer.  The situation seemed hopeless to me.  Trust was dead between her employer and herself.  She had worked for the same company for many years and was very happy with her job.  When she and her team disagreed openly on how to treat a certain customer, they (and especially her) were not treated very well.  It was not the issue itself; it was the way she was treated when she did not agree that really crushed her.

When I had a follow up with her a year later, I was surprised to find her much happier.  While there had never been a true apology, there had been some very considerate and very personal touches by her direct supervisor and the big boss.   A few simple touches totally surprised her and made her feel appreciated again.

In my marriage, we often talk (yes sometimes vigorously) about our differences, but seldom resolve them with words.  We have a “blow up” and then a period of feeling each other out more on the issue.  After a blow up is one of my favorite parts of our marriage, we are both usually very considerate of each other, showing each other that we still care and appreciate the other person.  It reminds me of why I married this wonderful woman in the first place.

Sometime maybe tough situations are best left in the past.  Showing you still care and value someone regardless of a disagreement is a great remedy for a suffering relationship, whether business or personal.