Darryl Stewart
By Darryl Stewart

An Easy Way to get the Office Happy (And Talking)

By Spencer Yarnell Head of Spreading the Herd Word


Seriously though, a coworker of mine just pointed it out to me today and I have to admit its true. Here we relish our weekly Thursday barbecue/potlucks, ice cream sandwiches in the freezer is office news and nothing is funnier than the rush to get the leftovers from the potlucks on Friday. I don’t think this is unique to IBEX in fact I’m pretty sure it would work anywhere on anyone.

Play to human nature. Bring some food to the office and watch the fireworks.

Goatbuzzter out.

  1. ahh… donut guilt very familiar with that here at IBEX. We find if you put a healthy alternative out everyone eats the donuts first then eats the carrot sticks later. Funny!

  2. In our maintenance department, here at Innovation Place, we are not lucky enough to have a potluck every week but the donuts we get at the monthly staff meetings are a true ‘highlight’ for all. I have never seen such excitment over meetings as when the team knows there will be food. No one is ever late for those meetings! You can imagine the looks I got when I suggested it would be nice to have a healthy snack choice (like carrot sticks) along with the sugar and fat! (sheesh)
    PS: Love the Herd Words!