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By Darryl Stewart

Biker Gangs Claim Business Center

By Spencer Yarnell Head of Spreading the Herd Word

Well not yet anyways

This Friday IBEX will play host to a pit stop for Winnipeg’s annual Bike to Work Day meaning well, we’re gonna have a lot of bikers on our hands.

Winnipeg’s Annual Bike To Work Day is in its 5th year and its day aimed at a whole slew of great ideas. Commuters from all over town are encouraged to head to work on their trusty bicycle and will have the opportunity to stop at a number of pit stops hosted by local businesses (Like yours truly!), community members, and the organizing committee itself.  First and foremost though the event aims to celebrate cyclist culture and promote the use of bicycles as everyday transportation in Winnipeg. I don’t think I need to sit here and rhyme off the benefits of that.. (See environment, saving on gas etc.)

Here’s the thing that’s really cool about something like this. Bike to Work Day is obviously going to attract more bike commuters than usual, obviously it isn’t going to be an ordinary day but its going to be a glimpse into the future of what is possible if more of us switched to sustainable transportation. Think about that as you participate or observe this year’s Bike to Work Day.

Here’s their video or visit their website to get some more info!

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  1. The IBEX Team is an inspiration, even accross the miles to Saskabush. Keep up the wheely great work!!

    Saskatoonian Fran

  2. Rock on, Ibex! I cannot bike to work due to needing to carry 20 lbs of material to a presentation … however, I will be a very mindful driver!!
    Regards, Deri