Darryl Stewart
By Darryl Stewart

Corporations Aren’t People

By Spencer Yarnell Head of Spreading the Herd Word

But people run them.

Sorry Mitt, its nothing personal and nothing political but let’s go over just a few problems with companies as people.

1) Running another company out of business… That’s the end of the other business right? Murder? I guess that makes Microsoft some mean kind of Rambo.

2) Companies owning other companies… Slavery? Sounds like Coca-Cola and its plethora of drink products may have to stand on even shakier moral ground than it already does.

3) Voting. We’d have to give companies a vote in elections which would mean that politicans would have to bend to the wants of corporations and.. Oh. Wait..


Jokes aside I think I know the spirit of this discussion. People run corporations. Some person decided what that corporation should be. Someone built, sweat and cried over that corporation. It’s easy to forget that, given the way some corporations act, but every corporation started as a labour of love. Some go bad. People who run them are human after all, but I think its important to remember and believe that people want to try to be good.

Watching Clean Your Green this year and watching lots of companies give money to the cause reminded me of this.

Anyways I guess my point is most companies are often run by people trying to do good. Above there’s a video I made while thinking about this.

Goatbuzzter out