Darryl Stewart
By Darryl Stewart

Dealing with problem employees – a new perspective


By Darryl Stewart Head of the Herd

This past week I met with a senior manager in one of Manitoba’s largest developmental service agencies.

We talked about dealing with the problem employees that can be found in any workplace.  I outlined my process for dealing with these situations and he outlined his.  We used different language, but it turned out we both had a very similar approach.  “Our” approach has three possible outcomes.

1)      The situation improves to an acceptable level

2)      The person quits

3)      The person is terminated

After we talked through this process, I asked him what he thought the typical results were, how many people improved, how many quit and how many had to be terminated.

He had a great answer “that depends on how good a people person you are and how committed to other people’s success you are.”

His answer reminded me that it is most definitely not all about process.  Process is important, but the attitude of the person delivering the process is just as important.

If you would like any information on the process we use to deal with problem employees, drop me an email Darryl.stewart@ibexherd.com.