Darryl Stewart
By Darryl Stewart

Great Customer Feedback

We have received some pretty impressive thank you’s at IBEX for our community work and for the many times we go above and beyond to help someone in a pinch, deal with a mistake or make someone smile with an ibexseed.

We have also received many thank you’s for just doing our everyday tasks.   These thank you’s mean a lot to us and they’re always proudly posted on our bulletin board for everyone to see.  Here’s the highlights from one that we received on January 7 from a customer who just switched to IBEX:

  • It was great to work with IBEX on our first payroll.
  • Raissa did a good job of showing us the ropes.
  • Whenever we called we never got put on hold.
  • Kevin went way beyond the call of duty with the ad-hoc run for the employee we forgot to setup and pay.
  • I feel confident that I will still be this happy in two weeks on our next run.  Everything worked really well.

Unsolicited feedback like this is good for the soul.  It motivates us and tells us we’re on the right track.

While Alpine Crew (our customer service team) was specifically mentioned in this letter, we know there’s a whole Herd supporting their efforts.  It’s the commitment of the whole Herd in all areas of the company that enables us to provide this type of service.

It’s this combination of great people and an amazing new payroll platform that makes me feel so good about the future of IBEX.  I know we’re only going to get better.