Darryl Stewart
By Darryl Stewart

How good marks can hurt your kids

A+ assignmentOr more specifically, the pressure to achieve good marks can hurt kids. If we put too much pressure on kids for marks, they may choose to “bail rather than fail”.

Research shows that if marks are the most important thing to parents, kids may choose to quit or not even try, rather than to go through the potential embarrassment of giving their best and perhaps not getting the mark we want them to get.

We need to focus on the effort they give and not the final marks they get. That is how we teach children to work hard and give their best efforts.

Same goes for our staff. We need to be far more concerned about the effort and attitude they give in pursuit of their work goals than in the actual results of the work. If someone gives a great effort, falls short on the end result and we dump on them, we are making a major motivational mistake.

We have to be happy with our staff if they give us a good faith honest effort. If that is happening and the results never come, it may be our fault that we have put the wrong person in a certain position or we may need to help develop the person with training, support or the proper tools.

What we will never do is dump on them for lack of results.