Darryl Stewart
By Darryl Stewart

How to dramatically appreciate a customer

By Darryl Stewart, Head of the Herd

We recently converted a large customer from our old web payroll, scheduling and time tracking system to our new completely integrated Everest platform.

This was one of the first customers to use all aspects of our new system, well beyond just payroll.  There were some rough spots and one of the things we did to get over the issues was spend time with our customer, at their office.  This allowed us to see first hand what we needed to improve and also allowed us to figure out together how they should best use the new system.

It the midst of all this we came to realize that our main contact at this organization could really use a bigger monitor.  This was a chance for us to plant one of our world famous IBEXseeds.

Yesterday morning Peregrin, our Head of Herd Geeks, dropped off IBEXseed #10.   It was an organizer basket with some cheerful flowers, a card, a bottle of “Everest strength” pain relief (Skittles) and a brand new 21″ monitor.  The seed was put together by Peregrin and Susan, our Herd Culture Queen.

Thanks for everything Toni!

Gift from IBEX to a customer
IBEXseed #10 - Also Included a 21" Monitor