Darryl Stewart
By Darryl Stewart
How to hire in a hurry

How to hire in a hurry

When we hire in a hurry:

  • we tend to focus too much on the specific skills we need right now and not enough on the underlying character and growth potential of the people we choose;
  • we tend to select people who are not currently employed over those who will need a little more time to make the move because they currently have a job;
  • we portray a sense of desperation to potential candidates, forgetting that the best candidates need to be sold on us;
  • we overlook the person with a great attitude and fit with us because they lack a skill they could easily learn; and
  • we take the “best of the worst” of the applications we received instead of deciding we need to recruit more candidates before we make a choice.

And when we make these mistakes, we end up having higher turnover, thereby increasing the need to hire in a hurry again.

The only time hiring in a hurry works is when we accidentally strike gold and – by luck – actually hire someone who aligns with our values, is willing to learn new things, is loyal to their supervisor, is supportive of their co-workers, promotes our organization, cares passionately about doing great work, and so on.

The way to hire well is to hire slowly. Get it right the first time and there will be a lot less hiring to do.

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