Darryl Stewart
By Darryl Stewart

Intellectual Possiblities

Today my family and I attended a presentation by the mother of a boy with severe disabilities, including autism and blindness.  It was a powerful experience, not because of the challenges this boy has faced, but because of what he has accomplished.  At the end of the presentation Rex (the boy) came out and performed using his incredible gift.     I have met many people with intellectual disabilities and Rex changed my perception of them forever today.  There really is no limit to what they or anyone for that matter, can accomplish.  Everyone deserve’s the opportunity to pursue their passions and find their gifts.

Rex’s story is told by 60 Minutes.

IBEX’s single largest group of customers are organizations whose mission is to help people with intellectual disabilities reach their full potential.  These groups strive to provide people opportunities to contribute to society,  to experience as much of life as possible and find their true gifts and passions.

In the past, people with intellectual disablities were hidden away from society and kept behind closed doors.  I am glad this is changing and I am glad that IBEX has become a part of this movement.