Darryl Stewart
By Darryl Stewart

Keep on Movin On

By Spencer Yarnell Head of Spreading the Herd Word

How was the holiday weekend?

Short I imagine, but I think we probably all got we need to keep movin on.

Putting up some new Habitat swag!

Friday we did some moving of our own, the much promised second day of cleaning finally occurred for the 2012 Move the Greenometer campaign. We had a fair bit more ground to cover this time cleaning over 11 meters on Friday.

We even decided to put a little Canada Day flavour into our cleaning!

So adding in some donations today we’ve topped $3000. That’s a good chunk of cash but not nearly enough. We set out for $8000 and this perfectionist couldn’t stand any less.

Red and White Flowers for Canada Day!

Stay tuned for a video of Friday’s exploits. It could be out as early as tomorrow afternoon. Follow us on twitter to get the link.

Let us know what you think about Clean Your Green. What could IBEX do to get your donation? You might just be surprised at our willingness…

We’ll even put your name and/or logo on a cool flag! And yes, people can have logos too.


Goatbuzzter out

  1. Love what you did last week! Trimming and digging those bushes makes a huge difference, way to go Herd!