Darryl Stewart
By Darryl Stewart

Leadership vs. Parenting

Would we send our kids to the doctor to get a note to prove they were sick?

No. We use our subjective evaluation based on our personal knowledge about our kids to determine if we think they are really sick and we go from there.

Would we rate our kids against each other twice a year in all areas of their performance: school, sports, co-operation with siblings, quality of grass cutting, manners with Grandma, and adjust their allowance based on the ranking?

picture by  Towbar - click for link.
picture by Towbar – click for link.

No. We treat each child as an individual and do what we think is right to help them mature, show them they are loved, help them discover their strengths, and teach them life lessons.

Why then do we subject the people that work for us to things that we would find crazy with our kids? A wise person once said to me, “the only difference between parenting and leadership is that you can’t hire and fire your kids.” To me this means I need to treat people who work for me with the same principles of fairness and caring that I treat my children with, I don’t switch over to a different set of principles and treat people according to what “best practices” are from some management school. For me there is no difference. The more I have adopted this approach, the more rewarding my life as a leader has become.