Darryl Stewart
By Darryl Stewart
picture of passenger aircraft

Make no excuses; it’s your responsibility

If you are a front-line supervisor, project leader, team captain, or senior manager you have more power than anyone else to influence employee satisfaction and commitment among members of your team.

Engaged, productive teams can be found within terrible organizations, while disengaged, dysfunctional teams can be found within great organizations. We have all come to expect mediocre service from Air Canada flight crews and good to great service from WestJet crews. How is it that the opposite sometimes happens?

It happens because the crew leader on the Air Canada crew is doing the right things that day and the WestJet crew leader is not.

It happens because the leader makes sure each team member:

  • knows what is expected of them;
  • feels respected for what they are doing;
  • feels cared about as a person;
  • feels their opinion is important and heard;
  • feels everyone is pulling their weight;
  • feels what they are doing is important and worthwhile; and
  • feels the leader is expecting and modelling a high standard of performance.

The power is in your hands to make your team’s workplace great. What you do as the leader is by far the most important factor in how well your employees perform and how much they enjoy their work.