Darryl Stewart
By Darryl Stewart

My First Customer Demo of Everest

I was on top of the world after our first customer demo of Everest!

Last week I sat with, Mark Braun, owner of Salon Popp, who has been doing payroll with IBEX for years.  Because Salon Popp is an Apple user, Mark has always had to phone the Alpine Crew and have them do his input. Sadly, because our current system doesn’t support the Mac, there has been no other choice.

Enter Everest.

Mark was happy to find out that Everest is fully functional on his Mac – no issues whatsoever.  After we set up his input sheet I realized there were several other features in Everest that would make his whole process much easier and simpler than our existing system.

Back at the office, I set up Mark’s payroll and commission structure in Everest so that all he has to do now is enter a few basic numbers and allow Everest to do the rest.  Now his staff (a great team that also cut my hair) are able to see everything they need to know about how their pay is calculated.

When asked, Mark said what he appreciates most about going online with Everest is that he can preview his payroll in seconds 24/7 and know that he has it right before he approves it.

It was great to successfully use our new payroll system live with a customer – it was a huge milestone for us.  We know that to be successful takes not only a great culture, but also strong technology that delivers what our customers need to make their lives easier.  I am proud to say, we are well on our way of having both.