Darryl Stewart
By Darryl Stewart
No my usual blog – How I ended up being partner in and ice cream company

Not my usual blog – How I ended up being partner in an ice cream company

I love what we do at the IBEX Payroll. Following through on our mission to Empower and Inspire Great Workplaces is a full time thing. Between leading this and trying to be a good husband, father, son, brother, friend and community member, I don’t have time for much else.

So how on earth did I get involved in a new business in an industry I know nothing about?

The short answer is I saw an opportunity. Not a traditional business opportunity, but an opportunity to be involved with something courageous. Something that would impact some people I have come to love and respect. Something that would make my kids proud of me. Something good for my community and something I can be proud of.

My personal purpose is “to live with courage and integrity and make a difference in the lives of others.” What good is having a purpose like this if you pass by an obvious opportunity to live it. I got involved, I took a chance and I am super happy I did. Many people thought I was crazy, but I would do it all again if I could. This is my story of stepping outside the box.

How I ended up being partner in an ice cream company.

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