Darryl Stewart
By Darryl Stewart

Slaying the Dragon

A spontaneous posting on the whiteboard in our building lobby stopped me in my tracks this week and caused me some serious reflection.

Ironbellies Results on Whiteboard

Over the past six weeks we worked with Protegra and formed a Dragon Boat team in support of The Canadian Cancer Society.  The posting on the board showed the total funds we raised along with some pics.   In all we raised over $1,700 (more than the board author knew at the time) and placed well in the races, not bad for it being our first year!

What stopped me when I saw the board was not so much the dragon boat achievement itself (as cool as that it), but the fact that someone had the personal pride in our achievement to write it up on the whiteboard for all the visitors to our building to see and even more than that all the time that the team members spent practicing and actually running the race.  All this in the name of a great cause and having some fun together.  Great job team!

I love working here!