Darryl Stewart
By Darryl Stewart

Tears in Toronto

Not even a 5:45 am flight could temper my anticipation of showcasing our new payroll platform to a leader in the payroll industry in Toronto.

So far, our new system has received rave reviews from our staff and our customers. But what kind of review would we get from a well respected, 30 year veteran of the payroll industry?

Introductions and preliminary demonstrations went well. I moved on to our new Report Writer. I quickly got lost in the excitement of showing her various reports, how to create them, how easy they were to modify and multiple other reporting functions. It took a while for me to realize that the questions had stopped and the only one talking was me. Damn, I blew it.

Or, so I thought. When I turned to confirm my worst fears, I noticed tears and a subtle smile. I waited with bated breath. Finally she said, “People are really going to like this.”

Inside, I was doing the happy dance and thinking “whoo hoo” but I kept my composure and just said “Yeah, we think so too.”

  1. It is exciting to get the feedback, to know that the excitement has spread beyond the walls of this office.