Darryl Stewart
By Darryl Stewart

The ‘Back to Clean’

By Spencer Yarnell 

So… We haven’t talked about Clean Your Green in awhile. I’ll be honest its because we kind of took a little break for awhile. With folks out gallivanting to cottages and generally with August brain we decided it was better to take a little time away.

The Garden before and after a little CYG lovin

But now that September has ambled back in its usual surprising fashion and the kids are back in the chains of education we’ve decided its time to get back to cleaning, fall style. Right now the campaign sits at $4,868.89 over halfway there but still not the $8000 we promised.

I would say we keep our word, but I think its probably more likely that we’re just stubborn. Either way we’re taking Clean Your Green into territory never before travelled – The Fall.

Stay tuned, who said Fall couldn’t be fun too?

Goatbuzzter out.