Darryl Stewart
By Darryl Stewart

The Herd Goal – Possible?

The IBEX Herd has set what appears to be an impossible goal.

To be the best place to work in Canada by 2015

To me this goal is not impossible, in fact, it is all but done.  Am I conceited?  Am I delusional?

Maybe I am, but as far as this goal is concerned,  I’m convinced that we’re well on our way.

How can I be so sure?  Our growth, financial statements, Herd culture, energy, customer focus, our team, and general vibe prove it to me every day.  After many years of slow growth and mediocre future prospects, IBEX has hit a groove in the last few years.  We have figured out how to make ourselves different and how to build a sustainable financial future.    At the same time as we have figured out how to be a successful business, we’ve also figured out how to be a great place to work.

Funny thing is, we don’t have work out rooms, game rooms, rooftop patios, chef’s making us lunch, fancy benefit programs or any really fancy stuff at all.  Sadly,  we don’t even have a proper lunch room (although, we’re finally working on that).   However, what we do have is a culture that promotes team work, incredible internal communications, a fun atmosphere, 1-on-1 coaching of every Herd member to help everyone reach their personal and work goals and some very strong leadership from several very dedicated Grumpy Goats.  Respect for the individual Herd member is very high as are the expectations.  The result is an amazing Herd of dedicated, hard working individuals who are a pleasure to work with.

This culture is definitely not for everyone.  It doesn’t fit the norm, but for those that like it, it leads to amazing results for them and for the company.

I know that the IBEX way is not normal.  And that’s OK with me, because I know by being different and making people the focus of everything, we’ll be able to reach our “impossible” goal of being the best place to work in Canada by 2015.