Darryl Stewart
By Darryl Stewart

The Last Handhold?

Funny.  As I walked my kids home from school this past Friday, I was thinking about my new blog.  What would the first post be about?  How would I communicate my passion for what we are doing at IBEX?  Do I really want to do a blog?  As I was thinking these thoughts I felt a hand slide into mine.  It was my nine year old son Aidan’s hand.  The blog thoughts slipped away completely and I thought about whether this would be the last time this ever happened.  It happens rarely enough as it is.  Nine year old boys are into many things and holding the old man’s hand is not high on that list.  I enjoyed the moment, I engaged with my son and after a few minutes I felt those fingers that I love so much gently and naturally slip away from mine.

I have thought about that moment in the context of my life almost non-stop ever since.  What does it really matter what I do at work?  It is what I do at home that really matters.  Why put so much energy into building a different kind of workplace for myself and the rest of the Herd when I should be focused on being a great husband and father?  Ultimately I don’t know the right answer to this question.  I do believe though that every person wants to succeed as an individual and as a member of society.  I want to build a company that attracts people committed to both and helps them do it in ways they never imagined.