Darryl Stewart
By Darryl Stewart

The Measurable Goal of Engagement


By Spencer Yarnell, Head of Spreading the Herd W0rd

I want to talk about a specific goal and measurable for engaging employees but first I’m gonna do something here: Bear with me.

Why do you work? Instinctively the reaction would be to say: “Well I work for my paycheque so I can buy all the things I like.” To this (in general) I would say..


There’s a reason we work run and sleep.. And it ain’t just money. Well.. Not entirely. Photo by Sean Macentee click photo for link.

If we all worked exclusively for money we’d all be clamouring to be bankers or some other lucrative job that to me sounds almost as interesting as beige paint (Big talk coming from a guy who works in payroll I know.). But we don’t all work boring jobs. In fact many of us strive to have a job that on top of paying, gives us satisfaction and is something we like to do. So we don’t work exclusively work for money.

Now I could major in Philosophy somewhere and write a thesis on why people work beyond the fact that we get hungry sometimes but that might get a little long-winded. It seems to me that when people work they exchange their particular set of skills for money or value. The money they receive for these skills is validation that the skills are in fact valuable and worthwhile. I would say that people work because it makes them feel valued.

So if people work to feel valued then a company that wants effective output and low turnover has to make its employees feel that way. If I’m working but I don’t feel valued then I’m not reaching my goal and thus my ¬†options include finding a new job, or doing my job differently. Here I emphasize that differently is not always better. I’ve started every job I’ve ever had with good intentions, great expectation and big ambitions. Often after realizing the company could care less about me I decided to care less about them. Not worth putting out my best work if no one cares and I’m making low wages.

What I’m saying with this post is that although employee engagement can feel like an immeasurable, (I like the company thisssss much!) there are still concrete goals and results. Today’s concrete goal: make an employee feel valued, via pay cheque and proper congratulations, or however.

It’s hard to accomplish anything if you’re not sure what you want to accomplish.

Goatbuzzter out.