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By Darryl Stewart
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The secret behind the best manager I ever interviewed


I interview managers all over Canada. I get to meet great managers, good managers and developing managers. I would like to think that I have a pretty good radar as to which category that I am dealing with. I recently did an interview with one of those that I would put in the great category. Let’s call her Laura.

When I asked her the secrets to her being such an effective manager she said:

“I have a great boss…

  • She treats me as an equal and will always back me up
  • She is always there for me
  • She helps me with tough situations”

She went on further to say that without the guidance and support of her boss she would not have become so effective at her job.  When I asked if she would ever leave the organization she said “not as long as Mary is my boss.”

Laura has the skills of a great manager within her.  I think she could succeed anywhere in her field.  I found it so interesting that she still craved the same from her boss that she was already delivering to her team.  She craved the support and caring and appreciated them so much that she would never consider leaving her current employer.Speech Bubble

  • Could we say the secret behind every great manager is another great manager?
  • Should we all remember that if we have anyone looking to us as their supervisor, manager or leader, we are the most important factor in how engaged they are in their work?

You know my answer to these questions!

(Note: names have been changed in this article to protect the identities of the awesome!)

  1. Great post, Darryl! This is kind of the epitome of ‘you reap what you sow’, ‘practice what you preach’, and ‘be the change’ all wrapped up into one!
    Regards, Deri