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By Darryl Stewart

The secret to winning a debate with one of your staff

The secret to winning a debate with a co-worker or one of your staff is actually being right.

When you realize you have made a mistake, the right thing to do is admit it.

Great leaders are willing to admit when they are wrong and are quick to apologize. One of the best leaders I have ever come across said this to me recently: “One of the biggest changes in me over the last 30 years is that people are much more likely to get an apology from me.”

Being the leader does not mean you need to be right all the time, it means you are very aware that you might be wrong, have the wisdom to realize it, and the character to admit it openly.

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IBEX Payroll extends our profound respect and immeasurable gratitude to all the ancestors and keepers of the land on whose traditional territories our work takes place. We acknowledge that we are on Treaty 1 territory, the traditional gathering place of the Anishinaabe, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota and Dene people and the traditional homeland of the Métis people. This land is sacred, historical, and significant. 

Every time we acknowledge this truth, we have an invitation and an opportunity to reflect on the wrongs of the past, what we do in the present, and what we can do to continually honour the people whose lands and water we benefit from today. 

This statement only acts as a first step in honouring the land we reside on and its peoples, and must be paired with education, understanding and informed action.