Darryl Stewart
By Darryl Stewart

The Unexpected Bonus of Coaching Your Staff

By Darryl Stewart Head of the Herd 

IBEX is hiring right now.  We have recruiters helping us in our search as well as advertising and recruiting on our own.  One of the questions recruiters ask before taking on an assignment is “what benefits does your company offer?”  What they are looking for here is exactly what you offer in terms of dental, medical, disability coverage and the like.
I find this question funny because I know the research on what people want in a job and what truly engages people so I know there are many things more important than the exact details of the benefit program.  So I started added in a new benefit of working at IBEX when asked this question.  It goes something like this…

The unique benefit of training and 1 on 1 tutoring!
Photo by Tulane Public Relations Click Photo for link.

Each team member at IBEX receives one on one coaching every six weeks.  Coaching is provided by a senior member of the IBEX team who has received training in this area.  During coaching we ask the person what is going well and not so well, both at work and at home, we provide feedback on how they are doing, we ask them to vent any concerns or frustrations, we set goals and track progress on goals and we also ask them if they need any tools or training to do their job better or feel more productive.

The two recruiters I laid this on this week were blown away by this.  Each in their own way expressed how they would use this to help potential candidates understand how different an opportunity at IBEX is and how different a place IBEX is.  Both saw this as a huge differentiator and a unique benefit.