Darryl Stewart
By Darryl Stewart

The Vacation Effect

I was taking a walk with a friend the other day. She was struggling with whether to take a holiday the following week. A friend was coming to town but she had so much to do, she was not sure whether she should take the time off to visit. The decision was entirely within her control.

I said: “Just put the vacation effect into action.”

“What is that?” she said.

I explained that when I set a vacation date, something magical happens in the days before the scheduled break. I automatically get really focused on delegating things that need delegating, finishing things that need finishing, and letting people who need to wait for me to get back know that I will be away from work. It pushes all the filler material to the side and gets me focused on what needs to get done. I went on to say that if we have good relationships with the people around us and they know we are getting ready to go on vacation, they are forgiving with our rushing nature and usually get on board to help us make it happen.

My advice: “Schedule the vacation, set it in stone, and feel the vacation effect kick you into high gear to make it work. It almost always does.”

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