Darryl Stewart
By Darryl Stewart
What Netflix can teach us about hiring well

What Netflix can teach us about hiring well

How do you stay ahead in a very competitive industry?

One of the most important factors is attracting the best people possible. Netflix knows this and knows that their position as a leader in the field of on-demand entertainment requires that they don’t compromise their hiring standards.

So, how do they make sure they hire only the best? For one thing, they publish a detailed explanation of their workplace culture. When it comes to recruitment, they make it clear that good is simply not good enough. They probably do this to scare some people off, and it works. They want to attract only the best, going so far as to say that they “give adequate performers a generous severance package.” In other words, if you are not exceptional, you will be fired. This type of culture is not the norm, but that is not my point. My point is that Netflix took the time to articulate their culture and share it with potential Netflix employees. Expressing culture like this also reminds the company’s own recruiters about what to seek when they hire. The clarity of the message must surely scare away some people and my guess would be these are the kind of people Netflix does not want to attract in the first place. Win! Using this same method, we can all attract the kind of people we want to our organizations – people who will fit in and perform exceptionally well.

Every organization that strives for excellence should define their culture as clearly as Netflix does and make this information available widely. We are working on our own culture document at IBEX Payroll. Thanks for the inspiration, Netflix! I look forward to binge-watching great results in our workplace.

Check out Netflix’s culture doc here