Darryl Stewart
By Darryl Stewart

What`s Next For Clean Your Green


By Spencer Yarnell, Head of Spreading the Herd Word

This is a short little update on where we are at with Clean Your Green!

To date we have raised $4,112.89 for Habitat for Humanity and moved the Greenometer just under 20 m.

We`re gettin out there to move the Greenometer a few more meters on Friday. It`s a pretty busy week for us what with a major set-up of a company (Welcome to the herd Community Living Selkirk!) and bimonthly payrolls coming in. I bet with all my blogging about our endeavours you forgot that we make money sometimes…

Well at least when Founder Darryl Stewart and I don’t come up with crazy ways to spend it.

Anyways with such a major week we won’t be cleaning to far but we’re hoping to glean at least a few meters out of the day.

Given that July is ending, we may be nearing the end of our planting time. It might be time for Clean Your Green to get more creative, try something new, and redevelop. I mean cleaning a garden year in and year out can only get us so far.

Creativity, redevelopment and risk-taking… Doesn’t sound like we’ll be too much out of our element. Stay tuned folks.

Goatbuzzter out.