Darryl Stewart
By Darryl Stewart

Why do we do this?

Every meaningful job I have ever had or ever heard about comes with some strings attached.  I think all of us can agree to the fact that no matter the job, there are always things we would rather not have to do when they need to be done, and people we have to deal with that we would rather not have to.

So how come in some jobs we just suck it up and get it done with no fuss, whereas in other jobs these things drag us down to negative, unhealthy and unproductive places?

I’ve written a lot about how important it is to have a supervisor who listens and cares about us and our performance, but another hugely important reason has to be whether you buy into why the work needs to be done.  If you are feeling like you are doing a pretty good job as a leader/manager/supervisor on the individual level with each of your team, maybe it’s time to talk more about “why” with your team.

Image by Marieke Heesakkers.  Click the Image for the link.
Image by Marieke Heesakkers. Click the Image for the link.

Why do we do this work?  What is our mission?

If your organization has a compelling mission and vision this is a great place to start.  Talk about your “why” and what it means.  Have each person talk about what it means to them.

When do you know you have talked about it enough? According to some leadership experts, about the time you are so sick and tired of it that you will be nauseous if you talk about it again is when the last members of your team are just starting to tune in.

Basically, you need to talk about your “why” way more than you think.