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By Darryl Stewart

Why I love my job and how you can love yours too

My love for my jobs has ebbed and flowed over the years. Right now, it is at an all-time high.

These days I am overseeing the processes that make sure that product development, customer service, marketing, sales, and finance are all working well. I played a major role in implementing our systems in these areas, and the ongoing work is important and compelling. That said, it is the other work I am doing right now that really excites me. I am working, hands on, leading the software development process at our company. Not writing or testing code. The last time I did any of that, dial-up Internet was still a thing so I am more than a bit rusty. What I am doing is coaching many developers, encouraging people to try new things, making sure people have time and space to get good work done, and doing everything I can to make the work challenging and the work environment a good one. I am doing all this with an ambitious, smart, hard-working group of people who are, on average, much younger than me.

Why do I love it? Not long ago, I had a hard time putting it into words, but thanks to a recent experience, I can explain it really well now. I spent a day-and-a-half attending a “finding your personal ‘why’” workshop with a few other leaders. This was based on the work of author Simon Sinek. His book, Start With Why, was already one of my favourites. This workshop, put on by his organization, did not disappoint. Through various exercises and group discussions, we each came to a rough understanding of what motivates us, what makes us happy, and what our “why” is.

My why: I free the potential in people so they can experience more accomplishment and joy in their lives.

How do I do this?: by caring deeply, sharing authentically, spotting aptitude, challenging appropriately, and making things fun.

I am working with people who want to learn, who have tons of aptitude for what they are doing and like to have a laugh while doing it. This is why I love my work so much! 

Now that I understand my why, I think back on times in my life when I was not happy. Without exception, I was not living my why.

The key to loving your job is figuring out what motivates you and aligning your work with that. If you are not happy at work, perhaps this absence of alignment is the reason. If you are happy, your why is likely aligned with the things you are doing and the environment in which you are doing it.

I am pleased to share information about the course with you. I have no vested interest in this course and I am not being paid to endorse it, but endorse it I do. It helped me realize my purpose and it will help keep me in alignment with my purpose in everything I do going forward. Take a look. It might help you, too. https://simonsinek.com/find-your-why/#for-individuals

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