Darryl Stewart
By Darryl Stewart

Why Young Managers can be a Menace

I see it all the time.

New managers are often proud that they have been promoted and think they have “made it”. Their actions can be downright scary to more seasoned managers. The big thing is that their journey has just begun and if they don’t see that they can do big damage to the organization. Young people often get promoted into management because they have proven themselves to be:

Keep coaching your young managers!
Keep coaching your young managers!

• hard working

• reliable

• ambitious

• smart

• task oriented

• focused on their own performance, looking for credit

• non-confrontational

Great managers are:

• patient

• nurturing

• flexible

• great communicators

• vulnerable

• respectful of differences

• focused on team performance, pushing away credit

• willing to tackle tough issues head on

It is often said that being a leader or manager is a learned skill. We have all seen that some people “get it” quicker than others. Young new managers need a strong mentor and lots of coaching and feedback. Anything short of this is just too big a risk to your organization.