Darryl Stewart
By Darryl Stewart

Word of Mouth Marketing

By Spencer Yarnell Head of Spreading the Herd Word

Word of mouth. It can be good for a business or it can be very very bad. Here at IBEX it’s been our lifeblood at the local level. While we love our roots, we’re also eager to expand to bring our payroll solutions to the rest of the country. But how do we get word of mouth to carry us there?

Word of mouth is not a controllable phenomenon but we can better understand it by thinking about the way people interact.  People always want to tell each other stories. Storytelling is an essential part of the human social experience. Thus when people tell each other about products or goods they often do so in the structure of a story.

The question becomes what is the story of your product? What narratives exist for your brand that current customers could tell to potential customers?

At IBEX we’ve often done some crazy things in search of the narrative. We want to tell the story of our payroll system and our company. (Think the Why Not Medicine Hat campaign..) Sometimes we’ve talked too much about one or the other but its all in the name of telling our story so that hopefully, a customer may retell it.

What kind of narratives exist for your products? Can you think of any companies that have really created a story out of their business? Do tell!

Goatbuzzter out.