Why won’t the stubborn fool listen to me?

Have you ever been listening to someone’s problem and have a great solution pop into your head? Not just an idea, but a revelation? A course of action that would make a huge improvement. A solution that takes into account[...]

Published: December 2, 2019
By: Darryl Stewart
A priceless, life-changing gift that costs you nothing

Have you ever been talking to someone and then they take a call or answer a text on their phone, or look over your shoulder, seemingly uninterested in what you are saying? Have you ever been the one to glance[...]

Published: November 25, 2019
By: Darryl Stewart
Feeling annoyed?

It happens every day. You are cut off by another car. Your neighbour starts up the leaf blower just as you settle in with a book and a cup of tea. Annoyance is the natural reaction. It’s the easy way[...]

Published: November 18, 2019
By: Darryl Stewart
You should not care whether you win or lose — really!

Our culture is obsessed with winners and losers, with finding heroes, villains, and jokers in every story to entertain us and simplify things. We are also biologically wired to dwell on things that aren’t going well, to notice what is[...]

Published: November 12, 2019
By: Darryl Stewart
The one thing you must do every day to feel productive

As we get older and more focused on personal, family, and career success, many of us become more organized. If you are not seeing success in any of these areas, perhaps you have not improved your habits in the areas[...]

Published: November 4, 2019
By: Darryl Stewart