Darryl Stewart
By Darryl Stewart

Raissa “ibexseeds” Expectations

By Darryl Stewart, Head of the Herd

At IBEX we try to identify and nurture each Herd member’s passions and put them to work for The Herd member and for IBEX.

One Herd member, Raissa, showed us early on how creative she could be (with a very unique approach to getting hired) and once she joined The Herd, showed us all how caring and giving she was.  Through our coaching process, Raissa came to take ownership of a new program with the vague goal of showing our customers how much we care.

Raissa ran with this vague goal and brought it to life in an amazing way.  The result was “ibexseeds”.  By Raissa’s definition ibexseeds are actions performed by IBEX that EXCEED what customers expect of their payroll provider.  In these random acts, the extra thought we show and the extra effort we give plant SEEDS of love, concern and value in the minds and hearts of our customers.

Two ibexseeds have been planted so far and the response, to say the least, has been phenomenal.  It is amazing what you can accomplish with a random act of kindness and it is also amazing what can happen when you nurture the passions of a Herd member.

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