Darryl Stewart
By Darryl Stewart

Why I wore only my underwear to work

The other day I came to work in my underwear.  I wanted to highlight that it was time for IBEX to “let it all hang out”.

Darryl in his underwear

The first thing to notice in the photograph is how alone I was.  That day, for some unknown reason, most everyone decided to move to the other side of the room for our daily Herrdle.

The point I was trying to make was that it was time for IBEX to move to the active unabashed phase of our growth plans.

We have been working behind the scenes for almost two years to get our systems and ourselves ready and now is the time to “let it all hang out”.

This is the first in a series on what IBEX is doing to grow our business.

Before getting to the specifics on what we are doing and what we have learned along the way, let’s take a step back to why.

Before we undertook the growth steps I will describe in this series, we asked ourselves – do we really want to grow?

The answer was a resounding yes and our reasons were:

  • Our existing customers want new, better, and constantly improving systems that keep up with their changing needs.
  • We want career growth, learning opportunities and the excitement that comes from improvement and growth.
  • We want to compete not stagnate.  It is healthy for us, our customers (both current and future), and even our competitors, if we raise the bar.
  • It feels right for us

In the second of this series, I’ll share the first step in growing IBEX style.